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Last updated Feb 13, 2017

Your privacy is important to us, and every effort is made by this site to protect your privacy whenever you visit our site or avail yourself of our services. The following information is provided as part of our commitment to transparency, as well as your privacy, by informing you of what information we will gather, how we will store it, and how we will use it. We will also explain how you may alter any of the personal details you have shared with us. We reserve the right to amend/alter this Privacy Policy at any time, without notice, and we would advise you to check this page from time to time to update yourself of any changes.


We have created a comprehensive Privacy Policy as part of our commitment to guaranteeing the privacy of any personal information you share with us. We will advise you of the nature of the data we will be storing, how that data will be stored, how the data will be used, who it can or may be shared with, and how you can control the use of this data. If you have any queries relating to our Privacy Policy, please Contact Us.

Collecting Information

We will collect certain information from you whenever you visit our Website, create a personal account, or sign up to avail yourself of any of the services offered by this site. This includes signing up for an account. We can, or may, also obtain personal information about you from any of our ‘Partner Information Databases. Please refer to the section ‘Partner Information Databases’ for more-specific information.

Information We May Collect from Partner Information Databases

The information we are able to obtain from Partner Information Databases can or may include your email address, current and previous addresses registered for the purposes of receiving traditional mail, your current and previous registered places of residence, your landline and mobile phone telephone numbers, relocation dates, etc.

Information Gathered from all Website Visitors

In visiting our Website, we can or may gather information which relates to the type of device used, the Internet browser used, your IP (Internet Protocol) address of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). We also use cookies to gather information pertaining to your use of our Website to aid your experience when using our website at any current and future time. Our cookies are only used while you are visiting our website and are not active once you close your browser or leave our Website. If you do not wish cookies to be active when you visit our Website, please Contact Us. Additionally, we can or may store such additional information after each visit you make to our Website, which includes active links used and any additional information provided by you, the Visitor, when completing any forms included on the Website.

Information Gathered from Customers and Clients

In registering with this site, you will be required to create an online account which will involve providing your email address and personal password (your password is always encrypted using 2048-bit encryption). In creating an account you are also creating an individual database to which your personal information will be added, and added to over time based on any additional information you provide. In creating an account you become a Customer/Client as opposed to Visitor. In creating an Account, or when logged in to your Account, you may be required to provide us with such additional information as your given name(s), your surname, your email address, current and previous addresses of residence, current and previous postal addresses, your home telephone number, your work telephone number (if appropriate), your mobile telephone number, details for (this site). Where any change of address is concerned, whether supplied by you or a third party acting on your behalf, we may require the completion of a USPS (United States Postal Service) change of address form which will also include dates when it will take effect, and dates for the period of time it is to cover. For the (this site) service we will also require such information as the names and addresses of all persons you require notified of your change of address.

Where payment is required for any goods or service we offer and that you wish to avail yourself of, you, the Customer/Client, or anyone acting on your authority, will be required to provide payment details. This may be in the form of bank account details or credit card details. Where credit card details are provided for the purposes of making payment, this will be done under an SSL encrypted gateway to provide additional security. We reserve the right to verify any means of payment through standard verification practices. Details of your credit card will include the full name of the card holder, the card number, the card expiration date, and the security number/code on the reverse side.

You may also be required to provide some form of identification for verification. This may include, but is not limited to, providing a copy of a current driver’s license, copies of current utility bills, a copy of your passport, etc.

Information Gathered from Additional Sources

The information that we hold on you, the Customer/Client, may be gathered from sources other than this Website or Partner Information Databases. Such sources can include another Client, the information obtained from which can and will be used to update any current database we have which relates to you.

Age of Users

Anyone who uses our Website or Services automatically does so on the basis they are confirming they are aged 13 or above. It is not our policy to collect any personal information on anyone who is aged 12 or below. Anyone below the age of 13 who wishes to contact us in relation to any of the content on this Website must do so through a third party, such as a parent or guardian.

Use of your Personal Information

The information we have collected about you can, or may, be used to furnish you with details of our products or services, or our products and services themselves which supplied by a representative third party. We can or may use such information as your home address, email address, telephone number(s), etc. to make contact with you, whether to discuss our services, to advise of promotional offers, or to promote our products. You may also be contacted by authorized third parties acting on our behalf. We can or may use information provided by you, either directly or indirectly, to tailor our Website content, including any/all advertisement and promotions, to better suit your interests. We may also use personal information provided by you, the Customer/Client, to verify your suitability/eligibility to avail yourself of our products and/or services.

We can, or may, use your information to ensure full compliance with or Terms and Conditions and Terms of Services, and also to perform our business as would reasonably be expected. We can, or may, use your information to perform any duties as requested at the time of provision of such personal information.

Additionally, we can, or may, use your personal information supplied by you, that is available to the general public, or has been provided by a third party acting on your behalf, to compare against any other/all information obtained about you for the purposes of verifying its accuracy and validity.

In submitting any information to this Website, you give implied and confirmed permission for the full use of any and all information provided. In using the 'Submit' button, you confirm that you have read and agree with all Terms and Conditions and Terms of Service and, as such, you authorize that we may, where deemed appropriate, use personal information supplied by you, or a third party acting on your behalf, to forward information to you relating to third-party partners who provide services in your geographical area. We may also provide third-party partners with information provided by yourself or anyone acting on your behalf.

We can and may use any and all information provided to us either by you, by a third party acting on your behalf, or information we have gathered from additional sources, to create your User Profile. Such information can and may include information obtained which pertains to your use of our Website and Website browsing habits.

For the purposes of emails, SMS messages, traditional mail, faxes and/or telephone calls, we may contact you from time to time via any of these channels to make you aware of products, services and special offers that may be of interest to you. When you click on the ‘Submit’ button to provide us with your personal details, you are confirming there is a commercial relationship between this site, and yourself, the Customer/Client and that you are providing us with the necessary authority to allow us to contact you, by any appropriate means. In providing your telephone number(s), for example, you are allowing us to contact you by telephone for commercial purposes, irrespective of whether or not you have registered with any federal, state or other ‘Do Not Call’ list. In providing your personal details, this does not place you under any obligation to purchase or use any of the goods or services offered by this site. If, at any time, you no longer wish to receive any promotional information from this site, or any of its partner businesses/enterprises, you may follow the procedure as outlined in the ‘Opt Out’ section. If at any time you wish to alter, amend or remove any personal information you have provided to us, you may also do this.

Financial Information

For any financial transactions where providing details of your credit card is required, we reserve the right to verify your identity through any personal information provided by you, the Customer/Client, or obtained through any third-party source. This applies whether the services ordered and paid for are being provided directly by this site, or any of our partner businesses/enterprises. Verifying your identity may extend to making a small and subsequently refunded financial transaction related to the credit card which will be used to pay for any goods and/or services ordered.

Credit card details will be encrypted for your protection and security. However, we reserve the right for third parties to use the information provided for the purposes of identity verification. We also hold the right, without providing specific details, to advise third parties that we are holding details of your credit card, or that of a third party authorized to act on your behalf.

We can/may store your credit card details for future transactions and for the purposes of completing any transaction authorized by yourself. Your credit card details will be stored in an encrypted form.

Sharing of your Personal Information

In providing us with your personal information, you also authorize this site to use that information for any and all legal purposes, whether it is to directly use such information, or to sell or transfer such information, to third parties, at any time, for any and all legally permitted purposes. Third parties may contact you via email, SMS messaging, traditional mail, fax and/or by telephone if they believe they have a service or product that is considered of possible interest to you. You are under no obligation to avail yourself of any or all of these products or services offered to you. In providing personal details via this, or any other Website or business associated with this site, you are automatically entering into a commercial relationship with this site and/or any third-party partners of this site, expressly giving your authorization to be contacted by any of these third parties by any of the above mentioned means, even if you have registered any/all of these means of contact with any federal/state/other ‘Do not Call’ list. Thus, any of our third party partners can/may provide the services which you have shown a clear interest in.

We reserve the right to create and maintain email, traditional mail and telephone contact lists that can/may include information provided by you, the Customer/Client.

Service Providers

From time to time we can/may make use of services from third parties which will involve sharing information you have provided us with, such as your email address, home address, or telephone number(s). Such third parties can and may include credit card transaction processing companies, email management businesses and call center services, and credit score/report services where any form of loan is requested.

External Requests for Information Sharing

Where requested by law, such as through a court order, a subpoena, or other legal process, or as a means or way of avoiding physical harm or damage to property, persons or entities, we will share your information as directed. We are legally obliged to work with any law enforcement agency where there is a suspicion that our website or services/products are/have been used illegally or for illegal purposes.

Protecting your Privacy

Protecting any information you provide to this site is of primary importance to us. All reasonably expected procedures and practices have been adopted by this site to protect any/all information provided to the company. Where credit card details are concerned, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, and industry-standard security measures, to ensure your credit card and other financial details are kept secure. SSL encryption enables your information to be read only by those the information is intended for.

Once we have received your personal information it will be stored on computer/computer network protected by a firewall which protects against access being gained by unauthorized third parties. Additionally, all third parties associated with this site and its related services are required, by law, to maintain levels of cyber security as laid out under federal and state legislation. This includes all regulations which relate to CAN-SPAM and any such rules that come under the jurisdiction of the FTC. Should any of the third parties we are involved with fail to maintain legally required data protection measures, we will seek immediate rectification of the situation, which can/may include termination of all future dealings/business with any third party.

Risk of Data Interception

While this site not only complies with all legal requirements with regard to data protection, and can/may implement measure which far exceed minimum legal requirements for data protection, no guarantee can be given that your personal details will be 100% safe from external attempts to obtain information. In providing your personal information you accept the appropriate level of risk associated with providing such information via the Internet, and that you accept we cannot guarantee its security above and beyond that expected after adopting appropriate security measures. In submitting your personal details to the website of this site, you accept the risks involved and will not hold this site, or any of the company’s employees or third-party contacts, liable for any subsequent loss where any breach of data protection is not proven to be as a result of negligence upon the part of this site, any of the company’s staff, or third-party contacts.

Should you require any clarification on our data security measures and/or policies, please feel free to Contact Us.

How to 'Opt Out'

In the event you wish to stop receiving promotional offers and further details of the services/products offered by this site or any of our third-party associates, whether by email, SMS, telephone call, traditional mail or fax, please Contact Us and provide us with your name, address and contact details, and request removal of your details from all lists pertaining to promotional activities, special offers, etc. Within 10 days of making your request, we will ensure that our records have been updated, after which you should receive no further contact of a promotional nature. Whilst every effort will be made to contact third parties with whom we have shared your contact details, we cannot guarantee that they will remove you from their own contact lists. In the event you continue to receive promotional/unwanted information from such third-party companies, please contact them direct to unsubscribe from their contact lists.

Once you have requested an 'Opt Out', we will no longer share your personal details with any third parties unless we are legally obligated to do so.

Privacy Policy – Dates of Effect and Policy Changes

Below the heading "Privacy Policy" you will see a date labeled "Last updated". The terms and conditions outlined in our Privacy Policy are effective from that date, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Effective Date’. Any subsequent alterations to the Privacy Policy will see that date changed to the date when any policy revisions are made, that new date becoming the Effective Date. The right is reserved to change the Privacy Policy terms and conditions at any time. We also reserve the right for any such updates to be immediately valid. It is your responsibility to check our Privacy Policy to update yourself on any changes made. In continuing to use the Website after the date of any changes made to our Privacy Policy, you automatically acknowledge acceptance of such changes.

Whenever we make any alterations to our Privacy Policy, we will update the date provided under "Last Updated" to the date when amendments to the Privacy Policy were made.


If you have any queries or concerns about our Privacy policy, or if you have any questions related to any of the goods or services offered by this site, please contact us via any of the means provided on the Contact Us page of the Website.

For California Residents

Any persons who reside in California and who have submitted their personal information to us may ask for information which relates to disclosures of this information to third parties for the purposes of direct marketing. Any such request should be made via our Contact Us page

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

We are fully respectful of intellectual property rights. If you believe that any of your intellectual property rights have been infringed as a result of the publishing of any contact on the website of this site, please Contact Us and your concerns will be passed on to our legal advisers.